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We are so much more than this-

It can’t be ignored that the news has been filled with the concerning and deeply saddening events. However, being informed, prepared, resolute and cautious does not mean we must feel hopeless. 

I wanted to take a moment and reach out to write to you. I simply can’t  thank you enough for your support of a small business like mine. Many of you have written and thanked me for sharing optimism. Your notes mean so much to me. They fill my bucket and help me keep my face to the sun.  I want to remind you to do the same. 

I want to ask you to take care of yourselves- not just in the ways we are hearing from our Health Care professionals, but also by

  • Avoiding too much exposure to media coverage.  Don’t leave the news on 24 hours. Take time to unplug form media and social.
  • For a little while, you may find yourself taking care of the family more hours than usual. Fill your bucket with little things that make you happy. I find that if I can’t find the energy to create- I can at least get lost in organizing my supplies.  
  • Connect with friends and family though calls or internet, and try and talk about more than the dire news.  We are more than a virus.  Our days can be shared in a broader frame than fear.
  • Write an old fashioned letter; print out photos and share them, especially with your older folksIt will help them stay connected, and let’s face it- they love it more than a text or email!
  • Keep to routines as much as possible; especially if the kids are home from school. Routine brings comfort- and they are looking to us for that. 
  • Find the joy in the simple ways of connecting with family at home: card games, board games, living-rooms forts, breakfast for dinner, silly arts and crafts.
  • Do not stop decorating your home to mark the joy of the upcoming seasons. Even if you have to make your own with printouts and construction paper- decorate your front door and windows to bring a smile to those who pass by.  Life does not stop- and the good things in life are still there for the noticing.
Keep your face to the sun friends- better days are ahead.  


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2 years ago

Thank you, this has brightened up my day 🙂