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my one little word.

Aahhhh- I found it.  my one little word to guide me, direct me, anchor me and cheer me on this new year.  I wrote about this exercise a few days ago- it’s one of my favorite activities suggested by Ali Edwards that’s detailed so much better than I can do here on her blog.  Not only are her words inspiring, but the hundreds of comments it generates are as well.

At first- I was playing with words like “do” – but that seemed a bit pushy. Of course i want to be more proactive, put things off less, and basically “do” more- but to have that word as my little prompt seemed a bummer.  It kind of implied I wasn’t “do-ing” and lord knows that’s not true.

Then I though about “better”.  As in be a “better” person.  More fit.  More patient. A better mom- better wife- daughter- friend- but again- this word didn’t fill my heart with any joy. It too was a bummer. I’m not saying I’m perfect, and goodness knows after 16 years of catholic school- “good better best, never let it rest,till the good gets better and the better gets best” is well ingrained in me.  I always do try to do better. So choosing that as my word seemed to defeat the purpose of the exercise.
Then it came to I was putting away a few of the hundreds of Holiday things in the house, the boys were playing some silly game on the TV and there was a roast in the crock-pot.  Dishes in the sink.  A few calls I had to return.  A typical night for many of us. And I was thinking about this darn word….. how can i do this better?  How can I make this a better life in 2012… and I began thinking- it wasn’t that I wanted a specific goal (well, other than loosing a few pounds and finding a hair color that works for me!) really want I wanted was a way to make the journey better.
It’s no secret a strong belief of mine is that happiness is never given to you.  You must choose it.  It is, without a doubt, a choice.  This does not mean you walk around with a bad botox smile refusing to look reality in the face- there are many, many monsters to face out there- but much of there power to affect us can only be given with our own consent.  And those things which we can not change- well, we must find a way to make peace with them.
But for the other 98% of the little things that can wear you down in the course of a day- like hundred of ornaments that have to be packed one. at. a. time. , a sink full of dishes or boys laughing a bit loud for your growing migraine- well, maybe the secret is to enjoy it.  Find the joy in the moment.  Make your happiness.  Your not cleaning a house- you are making a home. The horseplay will all too soon be gone- embrace it now.  Take a breath and enjoy the fact that the kids are healthy and can laugh.  they can laugh because they are healthy. And because this home you have made is a happy one.  The dishes are a result of a great meal and really, what do they take? 10 minutes to wash?  Put on your radio- sing badly and just do the darn things.  Maybe catch up on those calls as you do it- and remember how lucky you are to have a heart that cares on the other end.
That’s my word.  Before I let myself get stressed out- I am going to take a breath and see if there is a way I can bring even a tiny but of joy to this moment.  And melt away the stress.
Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with all the joy you can create.

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