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School Daze

It’s back to school time at my place.  It really is like New Years happens in September- new schedules, new routines.  I’m having a hard time getting myself  to love it all.  I enjoyed the laziness of summer.  Not that we sat around doing nuthin’- but that nothing really HAD to be done.  No clean shorts- that’s ok- throw on your bathing suit. Didn’t get to the market- no worries. There are some burgers and buns in the freezer- fire up the grill. Now- ugh! I feel like a type A drill sergeant.  And, to top it all off, somehow I dropped the ball and for the first week, I only had one pair of school uniform pants for each boy- throw football practice for Ryan on top of it and that means laundry must be done every night. Mama’s a little stressed.  
But Ryan is starting High School- and Liam starts first grade.  I need to get in the game. There’s lots of drama.  Big things ahead for both boys.  Luckily, Liam didn’t cry past the 2nd day- but that may be in part to the fact that I bribed him with 5 bucks for each day he didn’t cry the first week.  Ryan was quick to point out the unfairness of this situation. I told him I would pay him to keep his room spotless for a week.  He laughed.  I get that alot now from my teen.  Laughing directly AT me.  oh mommmm- it almost sounds as if he is pitying my lameness.  I have about 200 pictures of this first week,  And of course, the whole experience inspired me to design a back to school kit.  When I announced my new project, Ryan said in a very knowing way- “Mommm- make it cool OK?  I know you are going to be using pictures of me- so I don’t want any baby stuff in there.”  yeah- me too!” said Liam. “No baby stuff” Hence, under this added pressure, School daze was born.  Between us, it’s got lots of cute stuff in it- but I tried very hard to keep it Big kid friendly  and put some cool stuff in there as well.  The boys liked it. 🙂  I hope you do.  

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