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What I’d Like for Christmas-

It’s November 30th. And I’m doing it already.  Slipping into a silent freak out about Christmas.  Sometime about two weeks before Thanksgiving, someone in the family will ask if the boys have a Christmas list ready. Christmas list? For Pete’s sake! – I just got the Halloween decorations packed away!  I live in real time- but my biological celebratory clock is forced to fast forward.

As a mom, I try to slow down time so my boys can really enjoy the celebrations we have throughout the year. But, I also know I have to fast forward a little in my own mind- plan ahead- because I not only want them to enjoy the special day, but all the little things we do leading up to that day.

Take for example, Christmas. I love doing my  December Daily book.  It’s really become something we all look forward to creating, and then looking over.  And slipping into my craft space on a regular basis during this time of year is a little like sitting in a therapists chair. It helps me unwind, regroup and focus on the important stuff. I don’t do anything super fancy- but that’s not really the point.  It’s collecting memories of our Decembers that’s important-  the celebrations as well as the everyday things. But, for me,  the book has to be done before December to make it fun to do during December. So that means- in late October, early November, I’m shopping  for Christmas stash.  And then I put the thing together at the same time I am grumbling about people talking about Christmas already! Hello Mrs Hyde, this is Mrs. Jeckle, – would you like to scrap with me?

I really try and hold off decorating the house until December 1st. I’m twitching to get the goodies up right after Thanksgiving- but I want to build up the anticipation of it all.  So, we make our wish lists the day after Thanksgiving and then, I take down all the autumn decorations.  The boys are a little sad- the house looks sadly barren.  (I delight in their gloom!) But then, the night before their school Christmas breakfast (the first weekend in December) I pull out round one of the decorations and start wrapping our house in festive pretties. 🙂 The delight on their faces when they see the Christmas pillows on the couches and chairs and the tartan throw on the couch is like rocket fuel for my celebration mojo.

I work hard to fill the calendar with lots of big and small holiday celebrations- and truth be known, I have been collecting Elf on the shelf and Holiday fun ideas on Pinterest since mid-summer!  And then, around mid month, this Little Engine who thinks she can do it all starts to run out of steam.  Now, as we all know, Moms can’t stop.  So when they run out of steam- well, they just get cranky.  And right now, with my Pin boards and planner open in front of me, I’m stressing out to find a way NOT to stress.  Nope.  I don’t think it’s possible. The closest remedy I have found though, is commiseration.

When I hear my friends talk about their own battles with the freak out- and we compare notes- we usually wind up laughing at ourselves and the craziness of it all – and that always help get me perspective back.  I’m doing all for two kids. Boys no less.  They don’t know the difference between 15 decorations or 50 decorations around the house- cookies from scratch- or from the box.  It’s pretty easy to make the season magic for them.   Yes it takes a little planning- but also a lot of focus on the moment.  And a mom who can laugh through it all.  That’s what I’m asking for this Holiday- a good firm grasp on my sense of humor.  I’ll keep my Type A planning skills in my back pocket for sure, but Lord knows, that smile in my heart, THAT’s what will make this Christmas special for them. (and me!)

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