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Twilight Zone, Cobwebs and Warm Wishes!

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of big New Years Eve celebrations. I’m a bit of a homebody for that.  Maybe its because my hubby usually works on New Years- and its just me and the boys.  I get a little melancholy for that midnight smooch from him.  So, we have settled into a nice little routine of our own- and I’ve really come to love it.

 We spend the evening watching cozied up in the living room, Christmas tree ablaze, new toys all around being played with at different intervals as we enjoy the Twilight Zone marathon with an obscene amount of Chinese takeout in front of us. I love watching their reactions to the plot twists and ironic endings. Their jaws drop- “It was a cook book!!” or “They were on Earth all along!!” Makes my inner geek giddy.

  Then, as it gets close to midnight, we switch to the Times square celebration on TV (which always gets me a little claustrophobic looking at all those people jammed together).. then we count down to Midnight. 3…2…1… HAPPEEEE  New Year!!!  the boys throw the door open and shoot out into the freezing night with pots and pans and big metal spoons clanging in the New Year and laughing with all the neighbors on the block- then, BOOOM! big fireworks will fill out little slice of midnight sky and we all just turn our face up in childlike delight at the simple beauty of it all.  It all settles down after not too long, and we settle in for a nice long sleep.  It’s not fancy- and there isn’t a glass of bubbly to be found, but its good.

New Years Day- that’s my day. I get the same feeling of  renewal and optimism as I do in September when it’s “Back to School”.  Clean slate- anything is possible- let’s seize the day!!  The one thing I wish I could change is how obsessively superstitious I am about this day.  For instance, I believe it was my great Grandmother who cautioned that f you have a full hamper on new years Day, it will stay a virtual Mount Vesuvius of unwashed clothes for the year.  So, you can find me hauling dirty duds all day, like a frenzied mule on the 30th and 31st.  I also read that cobwebs in your corner are bad luck on New Years- (yes, I know they are icky anytime of the year- but considering I am blind as a bat half the time because I have misplaced my glasses, and um, I don’t put cleaning my ceiling s high on the everyday to do list, yes, I do get cobwebs) So, you will also find me up on my step stool reaching for those little buggers the day before New Years- full fridge- clean house, empty laundry, clean door steps, clean front door- these are all things I obsess over.  And -what happens on those first days of the New Year- I can’t help but take it as an omen.  I try to stay clear of all arguments, bad news and bad vibes.  It can be a bit of a manic hopscotch- but I’ve been like this forever.

Maybe that’s why I was so darn happy to be spotlighted in the recent issue of Scrapbook Update.  What a great way to start the year!  What an amazing charge for my mojo!  I have so many ideas- and my drawing boards are hoppin’!  I have a few goodies that will be ready for you very soon- and I cant wait to share them with you! (and- if you have any ideas for me- please- share them!)  it’s a good feeling to be this excited about work.  I am wishing you a terrific 2013- one full of joys- both simple and great- and of an awareness of the blessings that surround us.

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