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Well Said : Doctor Suess

It’s no secret this man inspires me on so many levels!  His words are ageless and can be understood on so many levels.  There have been a few times in my time here on earth that I have had to unwillingly say goodbye- to a season in life, to a person I loved dearly, to an all too sweet moment in time- and these words pictured above have made it just a bit easier. It’s all about a conscious shift of focus.  Yes- it is lost, but what a blessing that it was.  I have found though, that the truth in this can only be seen with the passage of time.  But the words are there as a promise that it can be seen better.  One day- the pain of loss can be softened by the embrace of the gift.  How wonderful- to be able to effect a person with just nine words- to make their burden a little easier to carry. Genius.  Happy Birthday Mr. Geisel.  Thank you for the smiles.


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