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Trust me, it’s cake!

By now you should know I love a Holiday- any holiday! Any excuse to be a little silly- to share a few smiles- well, count me in!  In fact, we even celebrate “tax Day” here! April 15th, I use 1040 forms as place mats and we have franks and beans… a few apples and tin cans with pencils decorate the table (a’la depression-ware!) – just so we can commemorate the annual fleecing of our pockets!

April fools day is no exception!  I remember many an April 1st i would torment my poor little sister- saran wrap on the toilet seat, phony adoption papers with my right to revoke, waking her up at 3am and telling her we were late for school just to make her shower and dress on a Saturday (early) morning.  Would you believe we are best of friends?  The girl’s a saint. Or has had a very localized case of amnesia..

So now I move on to my poor boys!  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tricks I played on Ryan.  I baked a meatloaf in the shape of a cake and covered nice and smoothly with mashed potatoes I tinted pink with food coloring.  Then, when it was dinner time, I told him we were going to do something silly for April Fool’s day- we were going to have dessert first! I brought out the pink frosted cake and cut into it.  When he raised a brow to its color inside, I explained this was fancy German chocolate- very expensive.  The poor guy dug in! And his little face turned to horror at the taste of the meatloaf.  Now, it must be said that mama makes a mean meatloaf- but when your expecting gooey chocolate, its a bit of a culture shock to the taste buds!  Here’s a scrapbook page of the whole thing- just look at his progression of emotions!

Have a terrific April Fool’s!  And be sure to let me know if you’ve caused a little trauma today!

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Betty Boop
7 years ago

i think April 15th, is a great day.! xxx

Betty Boop
7 years ago

i think April 15th, is a great day.! xxx