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From the Drawing Board: EVERYDAY JOY

The days here have been hot. Open the front door and get an oven blast hot.  So, needless to say, we have barricaded ourselves inside the house with the AC and fans humming away, and only step outside to cool our cores in our little backyard pool.  And maybe get some groceries.  Maybe. Mamas been making lots of “Breakfast for dinner!”  Thrills the kids- and its my secret way to stretch our pantry 😉 The boys have been building a few models, watching movies and slaying zombies on Xbox. As for me,  I have actually gotten to steal away to my scrapbook room which is delightfully cool and play with paper supplies I had long forgotten. They have been tucked away in baskets and jars-a bit forgotten. It was like visiting an old friend.  It reminded me of summers long ago when mom would treat my sister and I to a new arts and crafts kit to keep our minds off the heat.  Potholder making sets , lanyard and lacing sets, Colorforms (do they make those anymore??)

Arts and crafts, creating… its always been a great escape.  And while I was making a few simple pages, it struck me how sometimes, the simple little elements and patterns can be so wonderful on a layout. Colors blend effortlessly and they give a happy vibe while letting the photos and journaling take center stage.  I wanted to translate this into a new design for you…. so I pulled together a happy pallet and designed some playful elements that are just your everyday kind of special. 😉 It’s called “Everyday Joy“.  I hope they bring you a little joy and escape these hot lazy days of summer!



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