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Notes From the Drawing Board | CLASSIC BOO

I admit it- I am a shameless, hopeless Halloween geek- I just love the simple fun of it all!  I always have. It’s the one night a year it is not a misdemeanor to walk the streets in outlandish garb and scare complete strangers.
 My guys loves to lay in wait among the decorations outside and then come to life scaring the pants off all who dare take a candy from the bucket on our stoop. The girls shriek with half fear and we all laugh each time it happens. It just doesn’t get old!   In a big city like mine, we all become a bit closer on Halloween- smiling at each others kids- and complimenting each others costumes and decorations.  We open our doors to strangers and welcome all with a smile and a hand full of goodies.  Its like time travel back to the days of Mayberry.  I don’t get that much in NYC- just for a few hours on Halloween.  I loved reading your comments in the Giveaway this week about the moments that make your Halloweens special- I think we all share so much of the same joy! AngiW commented about how you can mark the passing of time with the transformation in your child’s costumes. I think that’s a bittersweet part of my Halloween this year.

*Sigh* we have gone from adorable boys-

  to the stuff of nightmares!

Yep. Gone are the days of sweet costumes- we now have macabre, guts and fake blood as far as the eye can see. The boys are are so darn happy as they transform themselves though- what’s a girl to do but take a ton of photos? 😉

I can’t celebrate Halloween today without thinking (so fondly!) of the ones of my yesterdays. I wrote a post last year here about how I used to spend my Halloween in the “old days”.
That classic vibe of orange and black and fun retro graphics carried over to this years collection, which I not-so-surprisingly named, Classic Boo. The little skeleton in the kit reminds me of the paper jointed ones I used to scotch tape to my apartment door.  Back then, there were a “Top 10” of door decorations that you would buy from the Five and Dime.  Some of them can still be found on Ebay! I remember quite a few of these-
I tried to capture that nostalgia in this kit- and delight you with a little treat as well!




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  • Reply
    Cheryll Ann ChersFlair
    October 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    We had those same decorations in my house when I was a kid. Thanks for the flashback! Love all of your kits.

  • Reply
    October 31, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I still see a few of these on my older neighbors homes, you can tell they are faded a bit- but they take me right back to way back when and make me smile! 🙂

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