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Rocket Fuel

As I write this, it is a cold Sunday in NYC.  The snow is piled up high outside my window- and its not the fun kind that you can play in.
It’s the cold, icy kind that has begun to turn a depressing grey thanks to passing cars and plow trucks.  And I am just recovering from the Holidays.  They wiped me out this year. Maybe it was because Thanksgiving fed right into Christmastime, maybe because I’m another year older,  or maybe I just paid too much attention to Pinterest, but the pace was hard to keep up with, and it was especially hard to keep things slow and steady and sane.
It took focus to keep going- eye on the prize kind of stuff.  And I’m looking at the proof of it all right now.  You see, on Sundays, I make it a conscious effort not to work.  It’s a day to recharge.  I scrap a little, blog a bit, play with my photos- no goals, just playing around a bit.  I have come to learn that this downtime just as important to my work as my to-do list.
And on this cold morning, it’s particularly easy to tune out. I’m going through my Holiday photos, and getting ready to put them in a December Daily kind of format.  I’m a little bummed because the kit I ordered was not delivered, and I’m still working on getting that straight. Kind of a buzz kill- and what is getting me is that I went against my own  tradition of making a simple little book out of the stash I have, and ordered a kit.
But I am keeping the faith- and I’m trusting that once a human gets behind my customer service problem all will be well.  In the meantime, I have just uploaded my Holiday photos and am reliving the past few weeks a happy little mouse click at a time. Click. click. pause. smile. It’s a nice rhythm for this quiet morning. This Christmas was a wonderful one- Liam keeps the magic of Santa in the forefront of our days- and the simple joy of it all is infectious!  I am thrilled to say that even Ryan, now 15, keeps the magic of the season alive- and is not yet afraid to let his Christmas kid roar 🙂 I love it.  Its the fuel that gets me through the hard work that goes on backstage as I create the Holiday. And that’s really the secret, isn’t it?
The magic doesn’t just happen- it takes work. Decorating, cooking, baking, entertaining, shopping, wrapping, tuning in to the Holiday music stations, taping the Christmas specials, and aggressively carving out time to do nothing but enjoy it all together. Don’t get me wrong, when I say “work” I don’t mean it in a four letter word sense, but let’s face it- the celebration of the season takes effort. We only get a few chances to give our children Holiday memories. And we all know well how they are carried in the hearts though an entire lifetime.
It’s a serious job,  folks.   But- it’s the appreciation of our efforts that make it all worth while though, isn’t it? And yes, out loud thank yous are terrific, but the other little things add up as well.  The excitement and chatter that come with unwrapping the ornaments, the tight hug that follows putting warm cookies on the table, the hush that blankets the room and shine in all eyes focused on the tree when we dim all the lights to see it in its full lit glory.. the oohs and ahhs during the drive around town looking at Christmas lights- and, my very favorite part, the thunderous pounding of feet down the stairs to see what Santa may have left for them!  Its’s powerful stuff. Rocket Fuel for the Mother’s soul during the Holidays.  And I am basking in its high octane afterglow now as I look at my photos, the moments a reminder of why it’s worth very bit of effort and a comforting whisper that it was a job well done.   I’ll share my little December book with you once its done- but for now, I wanted to share a little something Ryan left for me the night after we put up the tree- it was on my pillow as I went to bed that night. It’s powerful stuff. Simple, powerful, never forget it kind of stuff.


“Dear mom, I know this might not be the best card, but thank you and dad for keeping Christmas special. Love, Ryan” 

Here’s to an awesome 2014 full of Rocket Fuel for us all!

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