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this one’s for YOU Liam! | PEANUT!

I wanted to put my little guy’s name “in lights” since this kit made designed with him in my heart! I promised him that my first new kit of 2014 would be dedicated to him- and he is lovingly known around these here parts as “peanut.
I have to say, those little elephants took awhile to get down – but I am crushing on them big time! I played with the kit myself- one if the perks of being a designer- I get to scrap and call it “work” lol! I have to say, the photos are not the best- but somehow, it didn’t matter to me.  Just going through them, and reliving those special days, especially the ones of Liam as a newborn, well, I got a little misty! Here are a few of the layouts I made:

I also brought Fan Fave (and one of my personal favorites) TAKEOFF to the Shoppe since little ones and imagination and endless possibilities just go so well together. And, to celebrate its comeback, the Skywriting word art will be your gift with the purchase of this kit!

I hope these designs bring a smile as you remember the all too fast days of childhood- whether you are living them now, or reliving them in your heart. To me, it seems like a forever ago and only yesterday all at the same time.


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