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Ever wonder how you can work on a double page spread in your digital scrapbooking program- and make 2 pages that will pay together perfectly? Check out this tutorial by Tanya!   She designed two pages that are beautiful on their own- but are just awesome when placed side by side in an album- it turns out- she designed them that way- and both started out one one art board as a double page spread:
One of the terrific things about working with the talented artists in my Creative Team is that they are always teaching me something new- whether ts a technique, a perspective or approach- it’s always wonderful to be able to share ideas and tips with one another.  Tanya (aka sunflowersbaby)  recently did a double page spread with my Sweet Home design about her little one’s homecoming- I immediately fell in love- and asked her to share how she created such a seamless spread.  She wrote up the tutorial below- I hope it gives you the inspiration to try “seeing double” as well! 

Hello! Tanya here.  I hope you are all doing well, and staying warm. Today I am going to share with you how I make my double page spreads.
When you are scrapbooking do you only make single pages or do you you like to make matching layouts sometimes?  I do a bit of both.  When I was a paper scrapper  I rarely made single pages… I liked for my pages to match.  I did not like the way it looked when you would have a page with soft colors on one side and bright colors on the other.  I have relaxed on that some now that I do digi pages, but sometimes I want them to match and I have enough pictures to make a two page spread.
When I first started doing digi pages.  I would make a split screen and have two pages visible, but when I would zoom on one page I could never get them back to the same exact size and lined up right.  Then I saw someone use a 12×24 canvas.  It was awesome and made things so much easier to be able to work on both pages at the same time.
But then, the question that needed answering was: now that you have your two pages together how do separate them so you can get them printed?
One thing you might want to do when you are working on a 24 inch canvas is add a guide in the middle of the page so you do not put anything important where the two pages meet…like journaling or a picture.  If it is going to be in a photobook you might want to add another set of them about a half inch out on either side of the middle guide because you will not see much on that part of the page.
(I am currently using Adobe Creative Cloud. I talked with Cheryl of Fiddle-Dee-Dee to see if it if the crop tool worked the same.  It sounds like you cannot pick the aspect ratio, but all you have to do is put your curser in one of the corners and hold down the shift key and drag it until you have a 12×12 square. ) 

I hope that you will try making some double page spreads they are so much fun.

If you are not sure where to start all of the Scrap Orchard Template designers have double page templates that can help get you started.

Have a great day!!!


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