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welcome summer!

School ends for us this Tuesday, June 24th- and I feel like I’m a kid waiting for Christmas morning!  I try and have a few simple things set up for the boys- even the big guy- to make a little “Woo-HOO” of  it all! Last year, I broke out the window markers and painted the front door while the boys were at school, and filled some sand pails up with a items like balloons, comics, those balsa wood airplanes, a pack of those tiny paper bang snaps you throw on the ground and they make a *pop*, some waterguns, silly string and sunglasses.

All packed up and waiting to welcome the boys to summer- I was a little worried that they would be gone when we got home, but luckily, the summer bucket looters were busy that day!
Liam was thrilled to see the car painted with messages about the last day of school- and it was double fun waving at all the people who were honking in approval at us as we drove home!

On the way home, we stopped at Bob Howards, a local candy shoppe that is packed with old time candy and toys.  I gave the boys a few dollars and they got to treat themselves to some treats- Liam like the Silly Putty, Ryan went for ice cold Coke in a glass bottle!
So, with this year fast coming to a close, I was brainstorming for some fun twists on the way we celebrate- and I came across these five- which I wanted to share with you. (You can find the links on my ‘Joyful Summer’ Pinboard here).
1. I loved this photo idea. I’ll have to get each of the boys against a neutral backdrop-  and then bring the picture into an app or photoshop to add the sentiments. It would make a terrific- and easy scrapping layout, don’t you think?
2.  I think this time I’ll decorate the inside of the mini van- and make sure I park right next to where the kids get dismissed- think of the terrific mayhem of all these balloons spilling out!
3. This is simple and fun! I might to a banner for them to break going out of the front door as we leave for school- saying welcome to the last day of school- just to start to build up the excitement of it all!
4. How cool to come home to a secret mission box like this? Maybe, I’ll hide it in the back yard. and give them dark sunglasses and secret mission files on the way home!
5.  Ok- this is not really for them, it’s for me. I LOVE fresh made pizza on the BBQ- fresh mozzarella, ripe vine tomatoes and basil from my garden. Throw in a glass of Sangria and mama is in heaven! This baby is on my wish list- it has built in pizza stones. It’s a little indulgent, and I love my little Weber Grill with charcoals- but the ease of firing this bad boy up- has me looking forward to the next sale at Target!
Can you tell I love this all as much as they do?! I’ll be back with photos- until then- here’s wishing you wonderful first days of summer!

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