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I have not given up on my Project Life Rehab efforts- (in case you missed my earlier post about jumping back on the wagon- you can read it here)  In trying to make it work for me- I’ve been playing close attention to the things that seem to stumble me. The first- and largest hurdle I seem to face is where to get started.  I usually order my prints in big batches when there is a sale at one of the online printing shops.  That means when I sit down to do my pocket pages, I am faced with a big envelope of about 300 photos. I’m like a deer in the headlights.  Where to start?

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: I have found a very powerful tool to help with this- and its one that is probably inches away from you right now.  A paper clip.  I have found if I just break up the piles of photos into little segments- and clip them together, now instead of 300 photos, I have a pile of 30 stories I want to tell.

And while doing this, If I come across a few super star photos that I want to dedicate a traditional layout to, I put them in a pile all of their own.

PICK AND CHOOSE: These Project Life groups will usually contain about 10 photos to choose from. I like the look of a few photos and a few cards mixed in, so I try to narrow the number of photos down to between 5-7.  It means being a little ruthless, but once I toss a photo from the pile- there’s no looking back. We must weed before we can plant something beautiful, right? Then, with the photos chosen, I go through my stash and pull out the cards I’d like to work with.  I just randomly choose whatever catches my eye.  Most times I use less that half of these goodies- but if gives my a narrower number of choices than looking at my whole supply box.


PHOTOS FIRST: The next step for me is to figure where I’d like my photos to go. I like to see which order and flow makes the most sense in telling my story- and which works best in an aesthetic way. The story may not be told chronologically- but it’s told in a way that flows.  After this is done, I can see which cards I will need in the layout-


PLAY AROUND: Now is the time I decide if I need to print out some things from my computer- journal blocks, digital elements or cut files. I also see if there are certain pretties I’d like to make for the page.  On this layout I wanted to use a bit of gold beacuse it was a Saint Paddy’s Day story- and, well, these days I am crushing BIG TIME on gold accents. I have some awesome paint I picked up from the craft store- and I just love using it to pimp up my ellies-


PRETTY THINGS UP: Next, I do a little shopping in my stash for ways to pretty things up. I have come to realize the elements I love for my traditional layouts are not always the same as the ones I like to use on my pocket pages.  This is something you really can’t figure out until you start to make pocket pages on a regular basis. One my current Pocket Wish List: Alpha stickers, wood veneers, cut files, and clean styled elements. And, I have come to see my journaling as an embellishment of its own.  It really adds a lot to the pages visually.  Sometimes I type the journaling, sometimes I write it out by hand. * I have come to love my Project Life Pen set because it offers 3 sizes. I am currently hunting for the ultimate white pen. If you have any recommendations- I’d LOVE to hear them!



Here’s a peek at the process again- gather, sort arrange. Then pretty it all up!

Below is a page I made using nothing but Photos, Project Life cards,Alpha stickers and elements from my Model Behavior Page kit cut out. It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot for the pages to come together!

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE: Now that I’ve found my flow, my pages have been coming together easier, but- and this is the biggest truth I’ve learned to embrace for myself:  Pocket Pages DO NOT come together quickly for me. I cant just throw photos and cards down like a game of Slap Jack and be happy with the result. Maybe that will come in time, but I’m not there.  I  don’t approach making a few pages thinking “this will be quick”.  If I did that, I would be very discouraged. I would say a Pocket Page for me takes about the same time as a traditional scrapbooking layout. I can also say that a completed Pocket Page makes me as happy as a a completed 12×12 page. And I just LOVE seeing the pocket album grow!

Hope this gives you a little inspiration and motivation to keep stuffing your pockets! And I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you have!

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