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I can’t believe that it is September already- but the mums on my front porch and book bags and football gear that have taken over my mudroom do not lie. Nor does my way too quiet house… I miss my guys! But the one consolation to summer ending is the promise of Fall. I adore this time of year- not so much the going back to school- but the weather and the colors and the change in mindset to settle down a bit more at home.  Less barbecues, more roasts and baking, a return of the Afghans to the couch and a little slower pace.
[spacer height=”20px”]That’s the feeling that inspired my designs this week, “HOMECOMING”- a bright and cheery celebration of settling down a bit more- and spending time at home together.
homecoming by foreverjoy | lo by ellent
homecoming by foreverjoy | lo by enjoyyourpix


homecoming by foreverjoy | lo by iowan
homecoming by foreverjoy | lo by kalamae


homecoming by foreverjoy | lo by motherbear

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