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Your Biggest Fan


I have had a lot of requests for sports themed designs- and I mean a lot!  Heck, considering I spend almost every weekend on some field, or in a park – I wanted to design one for myself too! But the catch was- which sport? In this house we have played so many things at so many times- I could fill my hard drive with designs!

But then I got to thinking about how I really like telling the stories of the sporty shots I have- and while sometimes I give a basic recap of the day’s events- most times the story is told from my perspective on the sidelines. How I feel- what I am witnessing- the behind the scenes drama of tears and practice and frustration and joy that really only I have a press pass to. I know how much it took to get my player to that moment in time- and I know what that look or victory or defeat means. Flipping the perspective to the sidelines seemed a great direction for a design- because while sports may change- my loyalty as their biggest fan- no matter what they are tackling, never does. I’ll always be on the sidelines- cheering way out loud for all to hear- or giving a supportive look that only they can see.  These are the stories I hope you can tell with “Your Biggest Fan.”





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