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You never forget how to ride- you just have MORE fun!

For my birthday this year, I decided to be very unpractical, put aside my wishes for high tech gadgets and geek bling and ask for a good old fashioned cruising bike. It has only one speed (forward) and no hand breaks. It’s a little nerdy looking- and I am in love.

Of course, the minute I got it, I had to take it for a spin. And as I awkwardly causally swung my leg over and hopped up onto the seat- I realized
  1. I haven’t been on a real bike in over 10 years.
  2. bikes are higher than I imagine
  3.  suddenly, I have a fear of falling and breaking things.

After wobbling a bit and trying to keep my balance, I got the hang of it.  It is true what they say about riding a bike- but here’s the bonus: it’s so much more fun than I remember! Maybe because when I was younger, a bike was more utilitarian. It was really the only way to get around.  And it was a given- all the kids had one. But now, well, I am pretty much the only adult on my block with a bike.  Well, me and that one crazy guy a few houses down who puts on spandex shorts and blinking lights across his chest just to hop onto his ten speed to race around the corner to the 7-11.  (I think he rides just to wear the spandex) Aside from him,  I’m pretty much by myself in the riding-a-bike-just-for-fun class.

And the novelty of that- the fact that I have a bike to just hop on- all by myself and get away from being a grown up for a little while- is awesome! It’s big, and clunky and no way do I look cool- but it goes as fast as I pedal- and the wind feels great and I get a little scared at my speed and-wheee!  I feel like Phoebe in that episode of Friends where she jogs like she just don’t care!


Yes, of course I will be taking many bike trips with the boys this summer- and they are psyched that my big basket can hold lots of snacks! – But I can also promise that a few times a week, I will be “running away” after dinner, speeding in the bike lane, just but nervous, and a lotta bit giddy at the fun of it all!
And I think that’s the important thing we need to remember- that “running away” from the serious business of being a grown up once in a while is really important. Whether it’s on bike, with a box of crayons or with a double scoop ice cream cone (yep! cone– not a sensible cup!) We need to keep the silly.  Not only will it help keep us balanced- it keeps everyone else wondering!

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