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Focus on the Photos

Hello everyone! This is Jenn, and I’m here to share an idea that took me a LONG time to figure out. Grab a drink and start perusing your layout images.

Scrapping for me used to be a lot about the layering, the clusters, and all the oodles of elements. It took me a long time, to realize that while I do like my layouts with all of those things included, I actually like my layouts with less on them! I like to make smaller clusters, and chose a few lovely elements, and then I “Focus on the Photos!” I try to make them pop and add enough of the elements and paper to dress them up.

Here is my double layout:

I was creating a layout using the Love You More Collection and it started out with the bright greens, reds, and yellows. My photos were fighting with the paper. I didn’t want that. So, I was playing with the background paper, and my layout colors switched completely. This greyish brown background is perfect. 

Since I was moving papers, and adding different papers, I happened to add this striped blue paper. This is exactly how it plopped onto my Photoshop workspace within my layout! Right in the center above my background papers.  I left it exactly in the middle of my double pages. It’s adding to the fun, yet not fighting with the photos – too much in my opinion. 

Next, I wanted to have a small cluster on the one corner – in the top left. So I added some flowers…. and deleted some flowers… added and deleted, again. 🙂 I originally left it with two flowers there, but then switched it to just the one and a string. Simple, but your eye is drawn to look there.

With my flowers in place, my large photos and papers set… I knew I wanted to add a journaling spot and a title. Since the photos were bigger, I felt my title needed to be with larger letters. I ended up shrinking them a bit, and placing them on the bottom. The solid white with black outline alphabet from Love You More was a perfect contract to the greens and browns. Plus, I made the solid small strip green to add to the contrast as well.
Here is the right side of my layout – close up.
Next, I wanted to move over to the right, and create a fun spot to journal. I added a text box to the template, and clipped the striped paper. I then added a filled box over top of the paper – a solid pale blue, the same color as the stripes. I feathered out the edges and changed the opacity a little so the journaling could be read a little bit easier on the striped paper.
I then added the vellum tab, and a flower. The flower was originally placed with the larger blue flower, but I dragged it over and it looked nice alone.

Simplicity was working for my layout – letting the focus remain on my photos. Here is the second page, with my journaling:
Now, if you look at my layout as a double page again…
You may notice that the Blue Flower, the Title and the Journaling are all in different locations, and at an angle across my pages. You may look at my page starting with the blue flower, then your eye is drawn to the photos on the right side of the layout and then down the the title. Your eye will look again at the photos as it heads toward the journaling.
There may not be oodles of clusters, elements, layer upon layer of paper… but I think my layout really offers up some cute pictures, and a story. I’ve found I am a mix scrapper. It depends on my mood, the photos, the story, but lately I am drawn to the simplicity and showing off some pictures and a story! That is what my scrapbooks are all about. Telling the story.
Let’s hear yours!
Thanks for visiting today, and I’d love you to share your layouts, insights or ideas! Jenn (k70#)

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