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This weekend, as November was coming to a close,  I made it a point to get caught up on my Project Life pages. The days after Thanksgiving were a perfect escape- especially since I was determined not to step foot into a real life Black Friday shop. I was perfectly happy clicking around on line for a little bit- and then, with messy bun and comfy clothes, getting lost in some scrap time.
With 9 months down, my Project Life Album is full of enough pages to make me really see how awesome this style of memory keeping is- and it’s the first year I have stuck with it for so long. I love flipping through the pages and cant help but wonder how many of these little stories would have gotten lost if I had only confined my storytelling to a 12×12 canvas. To make sure I stick with it,  I have been very mindful to pinpoint what doesn’t work for me in the process, and adjust my work flow to make it all come together easier. I’ve written a few posts about my process so far, and a few tricks and tips I have learned, you can check them out here if you’d like.
One of the things that always seems to be a road block for me though, is not selecting photos or writing my journaling, it’s been choosing my cards. I few months back, I wrote a post about how I broke up my kit supplies by color. Organizing supplies by color has been a terrific tool for me- it makes pulling a page together so much easier! But- I’ll tell you where it fell a little short.  Let’s say I am doing a page about a recent Autumn hike. Now- I know I have a card that has a fall tree on it- but I don’t know what color it is- how am I going to find it? Or maybe it’s a photo of pumpkin latter -I’d like to highlight. I know I have a coffee cup card. And- I can let that go.  I will easily spend 10 minutes looking for those darn special cards. And that’s not really fun.  So, I tried to figure out how to smooth that speed bump a little.
I took a deep breath- and dove into my card box one more time. This time, I broke my cards up into categories that made sense to the stories I tell. Then, I sub-grouped these cards by color. Honestly- it took all of 20 minutes- and it gave me a really clear picture of the cards I have a million of, and those categories that are a little lean. Since you don’t know what you need until you know what you have, I have to say, this was a terrific exercise on more than one level!  Here’s a look at my final break down:
The front cards have no label- they are the super special ones that I can not bear to part with right now! I guess I could have created a able called “hoarding” for them! 
Here’s a video with a closer look in each of the categories: 
After breaking the cards up like this, I was able to do 2 months of layouts in one morning! (about 6 pages in 2 hours!) Look, there’s no getting around the fact that putting together stories like this will always be a “project” in some ways- but it doesn’t need to be a chore. Work smarter- not harder by identifying your speed bumps and then figure out a way to make them smoother!
How about you? I’d love to hear about what jams you up or slows you down- and how you’ve worked around it 😉

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