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Pushing pause on Summer | My August Bucket List

summer buckelist

It’s August. ย The back to school supplies have been bought, I see a few leaving already dropping from the trees in my backyard and the Pumpkin pins have already popped into my Pinterest feed. ย There’s no denying that these are the last few days of summer vacation. But you know what- I’m NOT going down without a fight, because folks, as the great Yogi once said- “It ain’t over till it’s over!”

At the risk of seeing a bit manic, I have decided to pull together a bucket list of things to do to hold on to these last days of slowed down bliss before the fast pace of September:

  • Ambush the boys with an all out water-balloon WWIII ( I have about 300 ready fill balloons that I refuse to carry into the winter as memories of I wish I had… I am filling those babies up!)
  • Tie dye some shirts as souvenirs of summer 2016
  • Make a time capsule and bury it to open next summer
  • Start a new habit this month that will make the next few months easier
  • Check out a summer movie in the park or catch a scary midnight movie- or both!
  • Squeeze in a few more beach days
  • Wear my favorite summer outfits for no reason at all- that pretty shirt shouldn’t be shut away waiting for next year’s parties! I’m going to celebrate today!
  • Have ice cream Sundays for dinner
  • Ride a carousel
  • Do everything the little guy does for a day- get in the pool, run through the sprinkler, draw on the sidewalk, blow bubbles and just be silly
  • Enjoy a glass bottle of Coke
  • Have a photo scavenger hunt
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Go for a midnight swim
  • Catch a summer carnival
  • Check out the summer sky at the local planetarium
  • Have a summer movie all night marathon
  • Fill the house with bright happy sunflowers
  • Have a picnic, bring bubbles and comics and just watch the clouds- maybe bring a stuffed friend for one last teddy bear picnic before the little guy gets too old.
  • Have dinner out with the big guy before he starts college. *sigh*
  • Make summer recipe I haven’t tried yet
  • Get a HUGE canvas and paint outside
  • Wear Hawaiian shirts and go bowling
  • Drive to a new farmers market and get the last of the sweet corn
  • Print out my summer photos so I can relive these sweet memories again and again
  • How about you? Any things you home to do before summers turns to crisp Autumn? I’d love to hear them- and maybe add a few of your ideas to my list!

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    August 12, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    love this – inspired to make my own list!

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