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Coming Soon: A New Chapter in the Story of Ultimate Anxiety


First there was This is Scary– then, Teen Parent Zone. Halloween is soon approaching, and ForeverJoy has had cooked up another True Tale of Terror.

Nothing can prepare you for it. No blog post, no self help book, no legal pharmaceutical.  You are on you own to face the ultimate terror- and failure is not an option. Buckle up- and brace yourself for ROAD TESTED!

Crashing into the ForeverJoy Shop October 27

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4 years ago

I don’t think there is any easy way to get through this part of the teen years. You can pray a lot, but the worry is still there! Daughter #2 had the now-famous phone call, “Don’t worry, Mom. The car did NOT blow up!” Yes, that is an actual conversation. She was loading stuff for work in a back parking lot. She left the engine running and didn’t get it completely shifted into park. It slipped into reverse and hit four GAS meters, knocking them off! Major gas leak! My very smart daughter GOT BACK in the car and moved it away from the building! It was a miracle nothing exploded. They had to evacuate the entire shopping center. Made the news, complete with news helicopters circling overhead. It will take a long time for her to get past that one!

Daughter #3 slid into the bumper of a car at a stoplight the very first night she got to drive alone. She decided to go by her boyfriend’s house since she got off work early. The first night you get to drive, and you go somewhere you are not supposed to be? Who does that? It started to rain, and the roads were a bit slippery. Three weeks later, she still has not drive by herself again because of that night!

I can hardly wait for Daughter #4, who will be turning 15 in only 10 months!