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Introducing the 15 minute memory Challenge-

It’s mid year, and looking back on the number of pages I have created this year- it’s a little lacking. I have the photos, the supplies and the desire- but somehow getting all three to come together in one evening to make a layout or two has become harder and harder.

I once heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, I knew if I wanted to get more layouts done, I needed to change something about my workflow.

When I really looked at what was stopping me from scrapping happy- it came down to having too many choices. Like you- I have a ton of photos, loads of stories I want to tell, enough supplies to last an atomic blast and a crippling sense of perfectionism.  But, I knew stories were getting lost in the stall- and I needed a jump start.

I have now challenged myself to making a 15 minute layout each month on the 15th. Even if it’s midweek- even if its a school night, or the chores have piled up. 15 minutes is doable- that’s that amount of time I spend on Pinterest or Instagram each night.  So, instead of surfing- I will be crafting!

Want to join me? It’s easy- and it may even win you a prize! Here’s how: Each month on the 15th I will post a template here on the blog. And, it will be yours to download for free during the month. (Once the month is over, the download expires.) 

Now, you can download and enjoy and that’s great! Or- you can go a step further- and play along with my challenge- and have a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to my shop!

Tomorrow will be the first challenge and free template! Hope to see you back here then! 

*Edit: The August 2017 challenge is now LIVE! Check out this post.



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