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A closer look at: Scrapping beyond the obvious

Hello Stefanie here again, I love creating layouts that feature multi-photos and cover the who, where, what and why of events. But then there are layouts that I create as the emotions move me. These tend to have fewer photos but I use elements and papers to express what I am feeling when actual words fail me. Here are a three examples of how I have done this:

I scrapped these photos from 5 years ago, my daughter is in her last year of school now and as the time rushes by I feel nostalgic about the years that have flown. All of the occasions that we shared when I thought we still had years ahead seem to be fading from our memories now with the pressures of this last exam season. This 13th birthday party was one that I catered and decorated with such love, having been given strict instructions to serve the girls, take my photos and then give them space. They chatted and laughed and relished their friendships.

The municipality planted nut trees on the main road into our neighbourhood and I watch them eagerly for flowers. I love winter, I really do but there is such excitement in my heart when these gorgeous flowers begin to appear. They are short-lived. Within a week the trees are covered in leaves and the flowers are but a distant memory til the next year. I am amazed at the beauty and how early they are this year. Here in South Africa we celebrate the first of Spring on September 1st and we still desperately need more rain, but for now, I can savour the pretty delicate beauty of these blooms.


I snapped this quick selfie with my daughter when hubby and I were there for the 25th year celebrations at her school. She co-wrote the Founder’s Day play and directed it, choosing the music and worked closely with the production crew on the lighting and how and when to move around the props. She really comes alive and steps into this kind of leadership role with such grace. I wanted to focus on how proud she makes me feel. Constantly going from strength to strength. She really is beautiful inside and out.

I love that my layouts represent our lives, our relationships, places we go and what we do, but I also use them to express my love to my family, trusting that they will feel that love.

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