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Summer Wind-down

We are at the midpoint of August- and September feels like it is a blink away.  I don’t want to say goodbye to these lazy summer day- but at the same time- I love the “-ber” months ahead.  September through December are truly my most favorite times of year.

You may have noticed I took a few weeks off to spend time with the boys this summer.  It’s been awhile since I did that.  I feel like I can literally count the days of  boyhood left with my little one-  and I felt a gut wrenching need to cherish every last minute of this summer with him. 

We made a pillow fort that destroyed my living room- but midway through piling pillows I felt that pain working across the bridge of my nose- and tears welling up.  How many forts are left to build? How many kites to fly? How many more swims with mom will he ask for?

How much longer will my big guy be all mine to take drives with- or sit with by the fire?  He already spends so much time with friends and work and sports- I’m so lucky that he takes the time he does to spend with us doing silly summer things like nighttime swims and making s’mores- but I know the normal of this summer will more than likely be a memory the next time this season comes into our lives. 

New normals every season- and each brings a little more letting go.  That clock is ticking and as before- I seem to be the only one aware of it’s unstoppable countdown.

And I wish I could say it was entirely guilt free and unplugged-but I don’t think any solo business owner can say that.  I did get to do new product planning for the months ahead- and I am excited to get back to the drawing board. Already, there is a crisp new design with autumn breezes on my drawing board that I hope to share with you soon.  I feel a new energy and that’s a good thing.  It balances the melancholy of saying goodbye to summer this year. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the season.  No amazing landmarks- no passport stamps.  Not the best in terms of composition and lighting- but each one makes me smile because I can feel the slow pace- the one-on-one time together and that fleeting magic of summer. 

Here’s hoping you had a summer full of smiles as well- and here’s to the memories e will make in the next chapter of this year.

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