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CT Tips: Making the most of your supplies!


Hi all! Kimberly here! I have a secret.  As a digi-scrap book supply consumer, I’ve always been motivated by value. I LOVE shopping the SOSN, store promotions, and Froggy Fridays. I love getting a few coins off and I’m a sucker for a FWP or bundle. Most importantly though, I don’t want my new purchase to be a ‘One Hit Wonder.’ I need to have versatility and be able to use the papers and elements more than once. Renne is my favorite designer because her kits are so incredibly flexible AND I have a deep connection to the message behind the art — being present in your life and taking the moments to experience the joy and documenting the moments through photos and story telling. Renne’s designs get me to the core.

For this post, in the spirit of Halloween, I dug back in supplies and found one of the first kits I purchased from ForeverJoy. MAGIC MOMENTS. Now, my youngest is 19 and it’s been many many years since I’ve had costume photos to scrap. For some crazy reason, her college Halloween photos are just not that fun! LOL. Instead I chose some nice October photos and made a layout.




A year ago from the day I am writing this post, I spent the day with my daughter at her college. In my journaling, I reflected on the morning. An ordinary walk to the ATM can change into something magical with the right mindset and choice to be fully present. I don’t even want to try to figure out how much money I’ve saved on counselors and more therapy by using my albums and ForeverJoy supplies to embark on my #joycreated journey.

As an aside, I’ve been using this font, Prestige Elite Standard, for several years now for my journaling. It saves so much time since I don’t have to go searching for a font and the consistency looks nice in my completed projects.

Looking through your stash, you might not think that you could use this kit for something like a walk. I challenge you to try to go off theme. Go through your ForeverJoy supplies or ForeverJoy store and look at the word art. What’s the bigger idea and not just the theme from the title? Look at the colors. Do they match an outfit? Look at the flowers. Does one of them make you swoon? Look at the patterns in the papers. Renne has an eye for creating fantastic patterns. Everything is re-usable and going off theme is an opportunity for you to shine with your creativity. ForeverJoy kits are wonderfully mixable. I’ll be back with a post in the future about mix and matching your supplies.


Here’s an up close look at some of the papers and elements.

Thanks for reading and I hope you make some magical moments yourself while you move through your days. Oh, and if you have little ones, take a ton of Halloween photos. Those moments will be done before you know it. #joycreated

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2 years ago

Oh sweet Kimberly- it’s amazing what we each can feel when we Choose Joy! Your personal journaling and fanulous page brought joy to my soul this morning. I send you this ? filled with love!

2 years ago

LOVE this layout, the journaling, the moments you were able to find in a routine day! Thank you for the inspiration and reminder. <3