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Hello Stefanie here again with three layouts that capture our lives right now. Change is looming, 2 of the three children plan on leaving the nest early next year and the third (the middle one) reckons he has already left. He comes home for clean washing and to get the car and the pantry filled, if you know what I mean?

It would be easy for me to sink into a doom and gloom of what will life look like next year and miss out on the good things that fill our lives right now.

My daughter has so few days of school left, I can count on one hand the number of days that her papers, files and pencils will be strewn over the kitchen counter.  Soon the counter will stay clear and I won’t have to move anything off to make supper.

I made this layout to focus on the details of our lives right now. I added close cropped images (Like her hand on the pen and how closely she leans in to her work) as well as the more distant one, including the mess and the ever open bread bin. Her tea with the teabag still in the mug, getting colder and colder. These contextual photos are what remind the us years later of what life at home used to be like.


Hubby and I found ourselves with an hour to kill while we waited for her and enjoyed a date night dessert. Next year I am sure that I will be taking more photos of the two of us, more food photos. Spending more time in each other’s company is why we got married 30 years ago. It can be so easy to lose sight of each other and what you love about each other- and who can say no to a downsized Nutella waffle and ice-cream with a red cappuccino on the side?


It is Spring here now in my corner of the world-  the birds wake me around 6 am and I love seeing them in nature and in the garden. We have had the worst drought on over 100 years (Cape Town, South Africa) so making layouts about the weather is appropriate too. I love being in nature, seeing the gorgeous flowers, marveling over a speckled owl slumbering on her two speckled eggs and a hyperactive sunbird flitting around the PinCushion flowers. There is always something beautiful, something to be thankful for, if we only look for it.


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