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Let’s Play Bucket-list Bingo!


Hello my Happy Campers! How about we play a little game of Bingo- and tackle or Summer Bucket list at the same time?

As a list maker and planner lover- I am a sucker for a good Bucket List. But there’s a dark side to that- that I know many of my fellow list makes share. It really irks me when I have things left “unticked” or not crossed off my list. It’s like writing sloppy or making a mistake on the first page of a new calendar or journal- I’ve been that way forever. I can remember tearing out pages in my brand new school notebook because it looked sloppy or I had to cross something out. (yep- old school- no laptops, no One Note- the best we had was a bottle of Wite Out and omg if it was clumpy!)

So- I thought I’d go about this Bucket List a different way- one that didn’t expect perfection. I created a Bingo sheet! And- the best part is you can customize it your own way!

It’s a .psd (in 2 versions one with  Groups for PS and one without for PSE) and ready to print .pdf format – and all you need to do is fill in each square with something you would like to do this summer.  You can use words (I provided a type box in the .psd file), or clip in photos, or images of quotes or mood board ideas-  heck! you could make the whole thing a mood board! Don’t want to open your photo editing program? No worries- simply print out the .pdf and fill it in your own way!

I played along with it myself- and have a photo of my own Bucket List below!

I would love to see your list if you feel like sharing! You can share it on Instagram or  in my Private Facebook Group with the hashtag #CAMPWHATAJOY2019   At the end of our time together, there will be 2 lucky winners randomly selected who play along and use the special hashtag  one from Instagram and one from the Facebook Group- and each will get a $15 gift certificate to my shop! 

So- are you ready to play? Just click here and your download will be automatic! Sorry! All Camp Links have expired- keep an eye out for our next activity together! 


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