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Hello January!

The New Year is in full swing- and maybe because the weather here in NYC has been so wonderful- I can honestly say I am full of positive energy this January! I love all the possibilities the turn of a calendar page can bring!

Here are just a few of the new happy happenings you’ll find at ForeverJoy this year:

  • More Minis!  So many of you have reached out  and have asked me to continue offering “mini kits” packed with the perfect balance of themed designs and great value expect to see more of this sized design on the drawing board!
  • More Mojo!  Many have also written and asked for more ForeverJoy challenges here on the blog! I love that idea! I figure we all start the month with great intentions of the stories we hope to tell- but somewhere around mid month, the soul is willing but the crafty energy is weak! So, around the 15th of each month, there will be a Mid Month Mojo post-to help keep you crafting your joy! Stay tuned for the January edition coming up soon!
  • More Teen Tips! If you are a reader of this little blog of mine- you know I am knee deep in teen/tween  warfare  life.  I have become a bit of a special ops soldier in capturing older kids stories for my scrapbooks- and will be sharing more of those tips here on the blog this year. 
  • Make a WISH! list that is! You can now keep track of all the designs you’re crushing on by clicking the heart icon in the corner of each image.  You can now see all your wish-list items easily in one place! (You need an account to access your wish list- otherwise your “joy genie” won’t know who you are!)
  • And REWARD POINTS!  Finally, as a way to say thank you to all my fans who choose to shop directly from my shop here at ForeverJoyDesigns.com- I have a fun new perk in place!

I am so excited to roll out the rewards points program! I have been testing it for the past few weeks and am crossing fingers that it behaves well now that I am exposing it to the light! Here’s how it woks:

Every dollar you spend here on the ForeverJoy blog earns you one point. (Sometimes, during special events, it can earn you TWO points!) After 10 points, you earn a one dollar coupon that’s valid on any purchase here at the blog for 90 days!

You can hoard these coupons and use them all at once or sprinkle them around like scrap happy fairy dust all over your shopping cart- it’s your choice! Points start to tally as of today, January 14th, 2020. And, here’s a bonus! You get 5 points simply for making your first purchase! 

Please keep in mind- you need an account here on the blogyou can set one up or sign in on right hand side of this page. Please make sure you are signed in when you make your purchase. *Any points and coupons you earn here on the blog can only be used in the blog shop. 

This is brand new– so please- if you hit a bump- forget a password or have any questions- drop me an email at foreverjoy.studio@gmail.com.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020 – I can’t wait to start crafting our joys together!



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