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Mid Month GSO | August

It’s a bit of a paradox: whenever I find myself with more free time, the less likely you’ll find me making scrapbooking layouts and completing memory projects.  I mean, for Pete’s sake- the world has stopped for almost 6 month now- but I have had very little motivation to make use of the free time that’s forced upon me in any sort of fun and creative way. But now, now that school is starting in a very chaotic way, life is about to pick up pace, the season are just about to usher in change in almost every way imaginable, now is the time my creativity has decided to amp back up. Is it just me, or do you feel that way too?

One of the first things I do when I find myself in the mood to scrap is to go through layout galleries for inspiration.  I love to keep an eye out for fun color combinations, composition ideas, story telling ideas and cool tricks.

I wanted to share a few layouts I am crushing on in the ForeverJoy Gallery at the Lilypad and share why they made me take a double look :

JUST MY TYPE:  Each of these three layouts use typography and word art in a visually stunning way.  I love how the words and stories are also used as elements that add to the design of the layout

WHAT’S YOUR BACKGROUND? It’s no secret I love a patterned paper- and I adore mixing patterns and colors! These layouts all use heavily patterned papers in a perfect way!  Stacking them, adding a simple overlay, or creating a simple grid or focal point all allow you to use busy papers in a way that allows you to keep focus on the photo and story being told. It’s all about balance. 

MAKE A STATEMENT: Never underestimate the power of a bold piece of Word Art. A strong title not only provides focus and a framework to your story, but it can also serve as a grounding design element.  Here you can see the words art sometimes help draws the eye across the page and create a pleasing flow, bring focus to a photo you want to spotlight or can help provide a “shelf” to build your layout on. 


Playing with Type, using strong patterned papers and building a page around Word Art are all terrific design techniques to work into  your layouts!   Which technique did you like the most, or do you find yourself drawn to? I’d love to know! Just leave a comment below!


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