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Honey! I Shrunk the Journal Cards!

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You know how they say that half of the world’s best inventions happened by accident? Well- this is kind of like that. In my own little world- this one mistake has turned out to be a happy game changer for me!
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For the past few months, I have been printing my digital Journal Cards on my 4×6 photo printer to use in my Project Life Album. I like the look of the glossy photo paper, and the sizes of the cards fit nicely on a 4×6 photo sheet.  To get the cards printed out like this, I could upload to Dropbox- but I take a super short cut and usually just email 6-8 cards to myself, open them on my phone, save to the photos folder on my phone (since they are JPG format) and then send them to my little Selphy WiFi printer.
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I use the Becky Higgins app and either divide the 4×6 template into 2 (for 2 3×4 cards) or leave it as is for the 4×6.  But today- I was a bit of a rebel- and opened up the 6 square grid- the one that has 3 over 3 photos- and dragged my cards into the grid and adjusted the crop to capture the images I wanted.
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The cards on top are standard size printed on Photo Paper. Cool right? But– how cute are they printed out in tiny square format? Why haven’t I walked down this wild side before?
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Next, I opened up the template and dragged a few of my favorite photos in and printed them out in these tiny squares! #hiptobesqaure

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They look adorable in my 4×4 Instagram album! (This one is by We R Memory Keepers) I really like scrapbooking in this format because I tend to it lets me focus on photos and a few phrases as opposed to lengthy journaling.  The mini books are just a collection a happy moments- the joy is the theme as opposed to any one event- so i can pop photos in there out of date order. I like how these pages turned out that I may just dedicate the album to happy shots of me and the boys. It’s a great way to use up left over or not 12×12 worthy shots!  And now, I have ready to use elements for the pages just by exploring the journal  cards my digi stash!
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I even used a few as embellishments for my Project Life page- see the square on top of the 3×4 blue card? Who new that you can add a different use to your cards just by thinking small?   *I used the MAMA BEAR Journal Cards for these spreads- they will be available in the ForeverJoy Shoppe on October 23.

Hope this helps you look at your stash a little differently! Enjoy!


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