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Joy Jumpers for November

Friends, do not believe the hype that November is just the “Pre-Christmas Season” and nope- it’s not a month long promo for Black Friday spending.

You know I am a true believer  in the magic of November and each year I hope to inspire you to push pause on the special joys this month offers us.

November is the calm before the out loud joy of the Holiday season.

November is anticipation and preparation of the grand Holiday magic to come and appreciation of the quiet simple magic that plays out in our everyday lives as we draw closer together in these winter months.

November is pot-roast in the oven, blankets on the couch, the sound of the heat coming up for the first time in the season on cold mornings and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. It’s candles and cozy, crunchy leaves and brisk breezes.  It is reminiscing over family photos and collecting of favorite recipes. It’s laughing over times remembered and creating new memories without even knowing it.  It’s decorations as simple as a little pumpkin on the shelf and a handful of acorns and leaves and hand drawn turkeys.

November is humbly abundant in its joys if we choose to take notice of the moment we are in.

November is a prayer said simple as “thank you” and a prayer answered as precious as family around the table.

Here’s to pushing pause on the Joys of November and wishing you a very happy season of Thanks.



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