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Let’s go (indoor) Camping!

Hey Campers! Today we have Camp games- and I have a fun one for you!

Truth is, as a girl who grew up in Brooklyn, I didn’t get to take many picturesque trips into the pine scented Great Outdoors. But- that didn’t stop my sister and I from going camping on a regular basis! And, once I had kids of my own- I made sure to take them on the same sort of adventures I had growing up- and the best part is, we don’t have to travel any further than our own imaginations and living room floor!

Right up there with bubble wrap and cardboard boxes is the magical allure of a pillow fort. My boys until this very day- (at age 20 and 12) are secretly thrilled when I surprise them by dumping all the cushions off the couch and hand them a few sheets, clothes pins and dollar store light sticks and battery string lights!

Sometimes we load up a Fireplace screen saver on the Ipad- and stove top s’mores, pigs in a blanket and Jiffy Pop  popcorn are always a hit! They love to watch campy or scary movies under the fort and will invariably fall asleep under there! I have even loaded up a crickets sound effect on the Ipad for them to fall asleep too and projected the night sky on the ceiling! Here are a few photos of them over the years- 

And- it’s not just for kids! As I was getting lost on Pinterest, I came across tons of adult date night ideas for spending a cozy Netflix night at home under a romantic pillow for together.

credits: Cosmopolitan Magazine

So Campers, I have a challenge for you! Make an Indoor Fort of your own- for the kids or even for yourself- and take a picture of it! I would love to see your “camping site” if you feel like sharing!

You can share it on Instagram or  in my Private Facebook Group with the hashtag #CAMPWHATAJOY2019   At the end of our time together, there will be 2 lucky winners randomly selected who play along and use the special hashtag  one from Instagram and one from the Facebook Group- and each will get a $15 gift certificate to my shop! 

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