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Let’s Share Some Campfire Stories!

Gather around Dear Campers, if you dare.ย  Turn down your lights, grab a flashlight and some s’mores- for I have a few stories to share with you around the campfire! If you have some you would like to share as well- bravely link them up in the comment section below... ( if you’d like some not so scary ones, or just a cracking campfire to tell your own stories around- you can find them at the very of this post-)

If you decide to take this challenge and tell some stories of your own- there are some patches for you to customize at the end of this post. Scroll down if you dare- and click on the image.

Now- are you ready?ย Here they are:

[click here to download your patches- links expire 7/31/2019]

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Valerie Sielert
Valerie Sielert
2 years ago

I was going to college to get my associates degree in early childhood education, I ran daycare in my home. On those nights when I got home later, I would find my husband hadn’t put our daughter to bed yet and worse yet, they were watching The Crypt Keeper. Naturally, I highly objected to this. Fearing my young daughter would have nightmares. One night she woke me up, crying out for me. I was all set for my reward to tell my husband off for letting her watch such a show. I calmed my daughter down, she said she had a bad dream. I asked her what it was about. She said “my sister took my crayons!” Turns out, she liked that Crypt Keeper and nicknamed him, “M. Boney”.