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Love and Pumpkin Guts.

In case you haven’t guessed it, Fall is my most favorite time of year! Yes, summer is awesome- gotta love summer, but OH! Fall is beautiful! I can remember walking to grade school on October days, my breath puffing little white clouds into the crisp morning air- and I would walk in the curb because that’s where all the fallen leaves would be piled up- sometimes deeper than my ankles.  I would kick them up in a swirl of orange, reds and gold, watch them spiral down and then crunch them with a very satisfying crackle. Bliss. Fast forward  20 years when one bright fall morning I spied the local police officer who I knew, looking typically imposing with his crisp uniform and mirrored sunglasses, walking toward a curb piled high with crisp leaves.  His face melted into a secret smile as he crunched the leaves down, thinking no one was watching.  I saw it.  My heart melted a bit.  I married the guy. (True story )
Fast forward another 20 years…. we now have 2 boys who delight in Autumn as much as we do.  This past weekend, we kicked off the season with a trip to an event at Westbury Gardens in Long island called “Rise of the Jack-o-Lanterns”. Five Thousand carved pumpkins lined up along a half mile walk in a beautiful historic garden, with spooky music, hot cider and apple donuts…. it was a no fail recipe for a fun night!

Many of the pumpkins were carved with simple- but delightful faces- but some- took your breath away!  This one, was hands down, my favorite! (I am a die hard “Wild Things ” fan!  In fact, I am working on getting the little guy to don a “max” outfit for Halloween .. but it’s hard beating out a Star Wars Jedi dream. *sigh*

The next day, we were off to pick our own pumpkins, a few apples and my favorite flowers, Sunflowers!  The boys were set on carving their guys into “Creepers”, characters from one of their favorite games, Minecraft. Kind of like a mash up of Legos and SimCity in video game version… it’s one of the few games we don’t argue about.  Now, we’ve never carved pumpkins before with the boys. We have painted them, decorated them, but never open one of those bad boys up!  And, yep.  You guessed it- the look of YUK! on their faces when they saw all that squishy, stringy wet goop to be scooped out… well, lets just say, I had to man up and finish the job as they gagged half way through the mission. Why is it that moms are born with the gender unique ability to steal themselves against horrific diapers, gooky dish drains, tuna can liquid and pumpkin guts? *sigh*

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the weekend….. next up: Halloween parties at school and a hike at a local National park to catch the changing of the leaves.
yep. Mama loves her some fall!

Liam is impressed (and relived) with my scooping powers!


Two spooky Creepers!
No apples trees around here to pick from- but this bin did the trick!


What’s better than fresh cider and chocolate chip cookies? (And flowers for Mom?)


No one is too old for a hug from “Otto” the ghost at our local flower nursery!


THIS was the perfect pumpkin! (and thank goodness- some of the big guys were selling for 20 bucks!)


Liam was thrilled with this cutie! it has been declared the cutest pumpkin EVER.


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