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March Madness on the Drawing Board

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day- and I just love getting into the spirit of it all! Of course we celebrate the heritage of the day- but I think I go a little bonkers for reasons beyond Irish pride.  Maybe it’s because I’m going through holiday withdrawal- or because I hope all that green will kick start Spring- or just because everyone seems so darn happy today- it’s a good day for a good day! The daffs are peeking strongly through the snow (ugh!) that crushed us a few days ago, it’s cold- but the sun is bright and we are so ready for a little fun today!

Last night, the boys set their leprechaun traps and flipped a coin to see if the naughty or nice leprechauns were coming to visit. This morning, I woke the boys (to their amused horror!) to non-stop bagpipe music on high decibel- and got a kick as the little guy ran down to see if the leprechauns had been trapped, leaving us with a huge pot of gold! Alas- those little buggers were too clever- but they did leave behind some candies and treats. Breakfast was, of course, green bagels- and dinner is already being made as two Corned Beefs (flat cut) are simmering in the crockpot on low for 8 hours in a pint of Foster Ale. Silly little things- but hopefully big enough to add up to a fond memory these two guys look back on.

I wanted to bring that fun spirit to the drawing board this month- so I themed my portions of this month’s Create Crate around saint Patrick’s Day and these first signs of Spring. One of my favorite additions to the shop are these “craft brewed” bottle caps- (see what I did there?) I think they add the perfect touch of the Holiday to a layout- and I am thinking of printing a few out to add to my Project Life spread for this week.  I will be sure to post photos of that layout once I wrap it up.

I’ll leave you with a few layouts made by the Creative team that I think capture the fresh, bright Happy Go Lucky feel of these first days of  March- and wish you a happy Saint Paddy’s!

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