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It’s a new year- the turn of the calendar page marks a very tangible blank page to write our stories on this year- and I wanted to start the year with a design full of optimism! Dreams are not for the weak- because they are the first step to making your world a better place- and it is a courageous step once you speak them out loud.  Here’s my wish for you this new year- Goals are dreams with deadlines- and the only one standing in the way of you achieving your goals is you.  So go for it! Life does not always give you second chances- so be sure to grab on to the first one with both hands. And if the first one doesn’t come along – then make it happen. Live your dreams- and make them come true.

“Tell me- what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -mary oliver

DREAM OUT LOUD is the first design of 2021- and I have to say, it is exactly how I had hoped it would be when I  first starting collecting images on my vision board.

take a closer look at the design-

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