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It’s not often you see cacti and succulents blooming on a scrapbook page- so I thought I’d share a little bit of the backstory with you.  Here in NYC, its Spring- but not really.  The trees have a few blooms, and there are tiny crocus pushing through on the borders of the front lawns on my block- but there is still a cold snap in the air.  We just had snow a few days ago and there is a freeze warning almost every night, so it’s definitely too early to bring anything home for my back deck, except maybe for some pansies. But oh! how my heart is longing to see some colorful blooms! So, I went to the local nursery for a “flower-fix” and was all set to bring home some tulips or daffs, but instead, fell head over heels with the tray of tiny succulents- all in a sweet little row, with gorgeous understated colors, geometric precision and a beauty all their own.
Those greens and blue, and crazy pops of pink had me head over heels in love! This latest crush, as all my crushes inevitably do, found a place on my drawing board- and so the Hello Beautiful collection came to be.

Wondering how you can work these pretties into your layouts? Here are some examples of how the had fun with this kit:

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