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love those summer NIGHT LIGHTS!

One of my very favorite things about August is the night falls in such gorgeous colors as the fireflies blink and glow in a silent symphony- the last song of summer I guess you could say. I find us spending time together well into the quiet dark evenings outside on our little deck. The boys are swimming and splashing as I grill- and our little radio plays some top 50 tune that I like to sing along to.  These aren’t milestones or fancy occasions- they are paper plate and soda pop memories. But they are special times. Times I hope the boys will remember with a smile when they think back on their childhood summers.
It was this feeling I hoped to capture in the NIGHT LIGHTScollection. I designed papers decorated with glowing lights and delicate fireflies and rich ombre sunset tones. Inside you’ll find shimmering gold foils and glowing neon word art paired with warm woods and jeweled flowers- and a few sweet fireflies as well!



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