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I’ll let you in on a little secret- Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD) in May is like New Years for Designers! The energy and excitement from fans is just contagious and it always help jumpstart my brainstorming and planning for the upcoming seasons! I have mood boards planned through the holidays (can you believe it?!) and a few fun ideas for us to share our memory keeping joy with each other in the coming months! 

So many of you have reached out and asked for MORE to be included in FJ designs- MORE word Art! MORE fun Ephemera! MORE paper choices! Well- I’ve heard you & have a few NEW COLLECTIONS in the worksFJ NEWSLETTER subscribers will get an exclusive link to 50% OFF the bundle when it first hits the shop!  Want to take advantage of 50% off subscriber special bundle offer? SIGNUP for my newsletter today by clicking [here]

Is there anything you’d like to see come to life on the ForeverJoy Drawing Board? I’d love to hear! You can leave a comment below- or you can always drop me a note at foreverjoy.studio@gmail.com

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