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Notes From the Drawing Board | CLASSIC BOO

I admit it- I am a shameless, hopeless Halloween geek- I just love the simple fun of it all!  I always have. It’s the one night a year it is not a misdemeanor to walk the streets in outlandish garb and scare complete strangers.
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 My guys loves to lay in wait among the decorations outside and then come to life scaring the pants off all who dare take a candy from the bucket on our stoop. The girls shriek with half fear and we all laugh each time it happens. It just doesn’t get old!   In a big city like mine, we all become a bit closer on Halloween- smiling at each others kids- and complimenting each others costumes and decorations.  We open our doors to strangers and welcome all with a smile and a hand full of goodies.  Its like time travel back to the days of Mayberry.  I don’t get that much in NYC- just for a few hours on Halloween.  I loved reading your comments in the Giveaway this week about the moments that make your Halloweens special- I think we all share so much of the same joy! AngiW commented about how you can mark the passing of time with the transformation in your child’s costumes. I think that’s a bittersweet part of my Halloween this year.
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*Sigh* we have gone from adorable boys-

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  to the stuff of nightmares!

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Yep. Gone are the days of sweet costumes- we now have macabre, guts and fake blood as far as the eye can see. The boys are are so darn happy as they transform themselves though- what’s a girl to do but take a ton of photos? 😉

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I can’t celebrate Halloween today without thinking (so fondly!) of the ones of my yesterdays. I wrote a post last year here about how I used to spend my Halloween in the “old days”.
That classic vibe of orange and black and fun retro graphics carried over to this years collection, which I not-so-surprisingly named, Classic Boo. The little skeleton in the kit reminds me of the paper jointed ones I used to scotch tape to my apartment door.  Back then, there were a “Top 10” of door decorations that you would buy from the Five and Dime.  Some of them can still be found on Ebay! I remember quite a few of these-
I tried to capture that nostalgia in this kit- and delight you with a little treat as well!




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Cheryll Ann ChersFlair

We had those same decorations in my house when I was a kid. Thanks for the flashback! Love all of your kits.

8 years ago

I still see a few of these on my older neighbors homes, you can tell they are faded a bit- but they take me right back to way back when and make me smile! 🙂