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I’ll let you in on a designers little secret- I have more designs on “hold” than I do in my shoppe. That’s because its not always easy to translate the vision and feelings you want for your design onto the drawing board. On the surface, all the”right” things may be there- but the real soul of the design- the spirit and feeling behind it, just falls a bit flat.  And so, it’s put in a “holding pattern” until I can find that little spark of color or words or design that will bring it to life.
That was most definitely not the case when I designed my latest Digital Scrapbooking kit, Sunflowers. From the very first paper, I knew I would be able to translate my vision into a design that would carry joy in each and every pixel. It all started with this photo.
It was just pure golden happiness. That’s what this season feels like to me. Sunshine- happiness- golden.  Maybe its because we once had a huge maple in our backyard.  A prize for sure in NYC- and it would shed leaves in October all at once.  There would be a knee high mountain of golden bits in our yard- and the boys would use shovels to make mountains to jump into.  Good days. Simple joy. We try and fill these Autumn days with lots of little smiles. Drives to the cider mill where the air smells like fresh picked apples, pumpkin picking and visits to the road stand to get a bunch of happy sunflowers! Their stalks stand proud and their big sunny faces can’t help but make you smile. That’s the feeling I wanted to share with you in this design.

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