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Notes from the Drawing Board: TAKE OFF

I have long been in love with vintage planes.  Maybe it’s because I would be captured by tales of  brave uncle Garret who was a test pilot in the 40s who live heroically and died tragically in a crash; maybe its the whimsical beauty of their painted art. Pin up girls, painted animals and lucky slogans. And oh! Their colors of olives, deep reds and golds are just stunning!  So, its been awhile that I’ve had this idea on my drawing board. And as I was working with my images, the theme of imaginative and playful adventure began to develop. ( I’m sure my boys have a lot to do with that!) And so, the little dreamer pilot, and skywriters with messages of inspiration came to life…
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As I was designing the kit, I took the boys to visit the Cradle of Aviation Museum here on Long Island. Long Island has played an important part in aviation history- from being the place where Charles Lindbergh first took off  for his transatlantic flight, to being home of the Grumman Aircraft factories. One of the best parts about the museum is that most of the guides are gentlemen who served as pilots in World War 2.  They are just full of history that goes beyond anything that you’ll find in a display case.  I did manage to horrify one of them though.  The museum tracks the history of flight from the Write Brothers to the landing on the moon.

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Now, at this point I’ll let you in on a little secret about me.  I am a Conspiracy Theory addict. I love reading them, and yep, I do entertain the possibility of a few. So, when we got to the moon exhibit, I started to tell Ryan about the conspiracy theory that we never really landed on the moon.  Not knowing of course that an 85 year old gentlemen guide who was very involved in the Apollo project was right behind me.  I thought Ryan’s eyes were widening at the details of my Photoshop theories- when in fact- he was reacting to the heartbreak of the poor fellow.  I felt his hand on my shoulder and saw such a look of hurt on his face as he said, “You don’t really believe that Miss, do you?” Yep.  This was a lesson to the boys that sometimes, it is better to be kind than truthful.  Of course I denied it all and he was visibly relieved.  Next time, I’ll keep my X-files behind closed doors!
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I believe the designs are a lot less controversial, and have not a hint of conspiracy – just inspiration and whimsy 🙂

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