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look up STARGAZER!

This week, I teamed up with Rubia of Studio Basic Designs  to work on a design that has been on my drawing board for awhile now.  Maybe it was the dreariness of the past few weeks, but I just couldn’t get the sparkle in it that I saw in my mind-  I wanted to get the feeling of joy you feel when you spot that first star as a little kid- the feeling that when you close your eyes and make a wish, it can really come true… Rubia is so full of energy and joy, that it gave me the jump-start I needed, and we had a blast working on this together!
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Her hand drawn elements are just awesome- and her papers, as always are just so full of joy! I tried a few new techniques and “tricked out”  a few elements with some sparkle and light – and there are a few papers in the kit that I love SO much, I printed them out to frame. The subtle moon glow one has to be one of my very favorites I designed, as well as the paper full of word art- (You can see them above in the first two layouts!)  I hope you enjoy STARGAZER and it gets you celebrating your wishes yet to happen and those that have come true- as well as that awesome spirit that never fails to “shoot for the stars!”

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