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OH SNAP! This one’s for the MAMARAZZI!

Hey  guys!  Are you guilty of being a MAMARAZZI? Do you snap on silent mode, and do whatever it takes to get the shot? Well, girlfriend! I am right there with you- and I thought we should wear that badge loud and proud!

Meet the new design- MAMARAZZI! It’s got a fun vibe full of bright retro tattoo vibes and Word Art designed to let you laugh a little at yourself!  In fact- FUN is the one word that just shouts from every layout I’ve seen created with this one! And- in case you are crushing on the big words you see in so many of these (like I was!) – lots of the layouts use the cool new template Bigger is Better by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. 

Here’s to being hot and flashy mamarazzi! 😉 Keep on clickin’!


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