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PROJECT LIFE ® | Confessions and real life layouts

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my general work flow for Project Life. I think the main reason I want to share my thoughts with you is that I felt a little lost and overwhelmed when I started out with Project Life this year.  I felt like everyone else was getting it- and I was two steps behind. So, I thought I’d put pride by the wayside and be real with you and share my bumps and the lessons I’ve learned.
Today I’m sharing the layouts I made for March.  First, I’d love to say I pulled these all together in about an hour. After all- all the videos I see seem to show peeps effortlessly slipping things nice and pretty into pockets and their pages come together perfectly balanced and in no time at all. Yah- that wasn’t happening for me. And I used to be a little bummed at how long things seemed to take me- until I really took a close look at these videos and realized two important things (beyond the really awesome artistic talent of the people making the pages) –

One- the videos were often time lapsed or sped up.  Two- the people making the videos had limited supply choices. Meaning- they were often CT members working with a certain design. This is way different than my real life where so many times I will be overwhelmed by my supplies and the seemingly endless possibilities I have. Information overload is not a friend of scrapping happy.

I’m going to be real here. First a disclaimer: I am sharing these pages not because I think they are artistically awesome- but because I want to share my process with you.  I don’t think there’s anything super special to the person living outside my little world that pops out from the page designs or layouts. That being said- they really mean a lot to me.  They tell little stories of our everyday lives that I know would go untold and maybe even forgotten if not captured in a tiny 3×4 pocket.
Second confession- these eight pages took me almost 3 hours to make. Pocket scrapping is not quick scrapping. I wish I had known that one little truth when I started out. I’m not happy just slipping photos into sleeves and calling it a day. For me, I need to add some voice to the photos- so that a person could open up this book and hear me telling the silly/ happy/ sad/ crazy or just special to me details of why that particular photo made the pages of this book. So, now that I have come to accept that this is indeed, a project- I don’t beat myself up that it’s not coming together fast enough. For me, pocket pages take about the same time as traditional pages.
One more lesson I touched on yesterday- and want to just stress today- is that having a color scheme to follow for my pages really does make life a lot simpler. I have read several times that Project Life peeps break up their supplies into color groups- and while right now, I still have my cards sorted by the collections they came in- I’m seriously thinking about sorting them into colors.  I did that with my kit club papers-  and love how simple it is to find the papers I’d like to use for a project.  I think it’s time I bought that thinking over to my Project Life cards!
Keep in mind- I’m working with a 9×12 album this year. I truly LOVE this format- its the Goldilocks of pocket page albums for me right now.. not too big.. not too small- just right for me!  I got the album and most of the cards you see here from Studio Calico. I subscribe to their monthly Project Life and Scrapbooking Kits- as well as the Ali Edwards Story Kit.  I used the Story Kit to go a little deeper and make the 9×12 layouts.



* I just wanted to add that I used the We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse to make that sealed pocket to hold my sequins. It was surprisingly simple to use! I am not one to catch on quickly- but after a few test drives on a scrap photo sleeve- I was brave enough to put it to the test on my page! I traced around a square template as opposed to using the ruler it came with- and my lines came out a little wonky on one side- but I have no doubt that with more practice- this will become a go-to tool when making my pages!


I’d love to hear any lessons, tips or tricks you’ve learned that make your pages come together happily- and hope that I’ve helped make scrappy life a little easier for you by sharing my process!

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