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PROJECT LIFE ® | My Workflow Timeline Infographic

If you follow me on Instagram, chances you will see that at the end of each month I pull together my Project Life® layouts. For me, doing Project Life monthly and in a 9×11 format has made it much more manageable. I cant commit to setting aside time each week for scrapping- and while I adore 12×12 for my traditional layouts, it seemed a little overwhelming for me for my PL spreads.  I picked up a 9×12 binder at Studio Calico, as well as a few photo sleeves. I have been trimming down my 12×12 photo sleeves to work with the new format- and am very happy with the results.
And while I work to set aside the last Saturday or Sunday of the month for this project- sometimes it just doesn’t work out. My March layouts are a perfect example. March was crazy in my house- it seemed every weekend we were double booked. It wasn’t until this Sunday (April 19) that I was able to get March in the pocket so-to-speak.  What keeps me from feeling behind though are a few habits I have picked up after keeping at Project Life for a few months.
First- you should know that I limit my PL photos to those I take on my phone. Its just too much for me to go back and forth between computer and phone when its time to print out my pictures. Second, I really try and limit my photo editing for P.  I may brighten things up or change a photo to black and white- but I don’t get too hung up on perfect shots. That’s what I use my “traditional”  pages for.
I use an I phone and ios apps- and rely heavily on the Becky Higgins Project Life app to do my collages.  I have really come to love collages for my 4×6 pockets- and I love the ability to make a square photo next to two smaller photos. I have been using square pockets a bit more since I switched to 9×12- and using a collage format saves photo paper and gives me cool looking tiny photos!
Limiting my photo choices, letting go of perfection and finding apps that make things work easily have made Project Life much more enjoyable. But- the biggest lesson I have learned- and I wish it were printed somewhere in BIG BOLD PRINT is that Project Life takes time. A PL spread takes as much time for me as a traditional spread. At first- I was upset things were not as simple as slip it in a pocket and be done with it- but the truth is- you need to get an eye for how to bring all those little squares together- and a flow for how you will do it.  It’s a different process than traditional scrapping- and requires a little shift in the way you approach your pages.
I wanted to share with you a timeline of sorts of my Project Life® workflow. Maybe it will help you stream line your own process- or perhaps you have some tips and lessons you have learned that you’d like to share- I’d really love to hear them! (ps: I’ll be back tomorrow with the pages I made over the weekend (8 in all) and a few additional notes about the process- See you then!)

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