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It’s been 10 years that I have been designing memory keeping and scrapbooking products. If you have been following me for awhile, you know it all started by entering a contest. 4 years later I was invited to join one of my favorite digital scrapbooking shops- The Lilypad.  This July will mark 6 years there- time has definitely flown.

When I look back at the time line of my product releases, you can see directly into my heart. Each design spotlights a certain emotion, trend, wish or chapter that is going on in my little world and I think the reason why the connect with so many of you is because you are going through the same things too. You “get” the word art, the deeper meaning of the graphics and the different levels of the stories that can be told with each deign.

My very first design at The Lilypad was called “Dandelion Days.” My littlest boy was about 5- and I was in the middle of the special season of motherhood when days are spent with juice bags and goldfish in the park- blowing bubbles, collecting rocks and sticks and dandelions are picked with deliberate care and delivered onto a mama’s lap with chubby little hands and an upturned face that sees you as his entire world.  Dandelion Days are magic. 

That kit has since been retired. The design style is a little different than the one I have grown into- but it remains one of my favorite kits because of the sentiment behind it.

These days, that once little guy is not 13 and approaching High School. I wrote a little about all the feels associated with that here, in “A Mama’s Ghost Story”. 

I found myself going through old photos and wanting to tell the stories of those days, but with a new perspective- not so much one of regret for days past- but of gratitude for the moments of magic I have had with my boys and in acknowledging the dandelion bouquets of yesterday have changed in form but not spirit. Shared memes, midday texts, mix tapes (on CD of course) and  rides in the car together signing out loud are the new way these big guys show their mama their love- so the dandelion days live on.

Weeds or wishes- it’s all about perspective. 

So- Dandelion Days 2 has made it’s way from my thoughts onto the drawing board. It’s not hard to see what was in my heart when I designed this one.  I hope you like it.  I hope it can help you tell your stories whether they are of the flowers, the children, the wishes, the sunshine or a mama’s love- I hope you see a voice in them that helps you express the magic that’s in your life today.


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Breon Randon
Breon Randon
1 year ago

this is so lovely. I totally get it- my 5 year old daughter is constantly bringing home weeds and rocks because she loves me, and I treasure them all!