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Scrap Happy | Adding a Good Vibe to Your Pages

Hi guys! It’s Monica here again and I am so excited to share a layout I made recently with Mix Tape and how I went about scrapping this layout to be reminded of my song. We scrap for many different reasons, don’t we? I know I do!

Sometimes we scrap to remember the good moments in life.  Sometimes we scrap to document an event.  Sometimes we scrap to get our emotions out.  Sometimes we scrap to look back on our past. Sometimes we scrap to tell a story.  Well, I could just go on and on.  Our reasons for scrapbooking can very from person to person and even from layout to layout. I had a very specific reason for scrapping this layout of my daughter and it was actually more about me than her. I used to wake up with a song in my heart. And if I didn’t have a song in my heart each morning…well, I prayed for one. I intentionally sought out joy in my life and as I result, I often experienced it.

One way I know that I am living joyously is through having a happy song residing in my heart.Throughout the everyday living of life, I can forget to intentionally seek out joy. Thoughts and concerns often crowd out my song.

This is how I’ve felt recently….and I have been desiring more and more to have a song back in my heart. As soon as I saw this kit by ForeverJoy and looked inside at the incredible word art, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this layout. I wanted to scrap something that would remind me of my song.

There are three very specific ways that I did that in this layout that I would love to share with you today!


 Word Art

I was very inspired by the word art in this fun kit.

I arranged three word art elements on the page in a triangular shape. One in the upper left hand corner, one on the right side, and one across the bottom of the page.

“She was happy to find she still knew the song in her heart and she began to sing along,” is referring to me. This sentiment is a perfect reminder that I still know the song in my heart! And, yes, I am ready to begin to sing along!

“Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no ones watching. And live like it’s heaven on earth,” is exactly what I want to do! This is so inspirational and is the perfect sentiment for how I want to live my life. This is what a joyous life looks like to me. It also is very descriptive of my daughter and was my inspiration to include her picture in this layout.

The “Sing Your Song” word art along the bottom of the page serves as my title. I love using word art for titles!!

 Bright Happy Photo

Instead of using a photo of myself, I opted to use a photo of my youngest daughter on this layout. She is an inspiration to me in the way she lives so joyously! She always has a song in her heart and she sings it out loudly for the world to hear!

I found the perfect photo of my daughter with a huge smile on her face and bright pink polka dotted sunglasses that I knew would be perfect for what I wanted to convey on this layout in my Lightroom Library. Once I placed the photo in a frame on my layout, I decided that it would look a little better and convey the theme of my layout better if she was looking up and to the right rather than the left.
This can be done rather easily with a simple edit to the photo itself. To flip a photo in this way, simply click on Image>Image Rotation>Flip Horizontal.
I then brought the flipped photo into my layout over the original and placed it into the frame. Here’s a look at my layout with the original photo and then with the flipped photo.
Original Photo with Jenny facing left
Flipped Photo with Jenny facing right…sooooo much better!

Personal Journaling

The last thing I added to really bring the theme of this layout to completion was to add some personal journaling.
Sometimes I put too much pressure on my journaling. But, really all it has to be is a sentence or two that conveys the message of your layout. On this, I simply journaled, “I am constantly being reminded by my children, especially Jenny, to always have a song in my heart.”  I wrote my journaling in one of my favorite handwriting fonts. And I also added the date on a frame underneath the main frame that my photo is in.
I am so very excited to share this layout with you. I love scrapping to remind myself of a life lesson such as this one, to be reminded of my song. Looking at this layout makes me happy…and, yes, my song is back in my heart where it belongs and I am living with joy!
Have you ever scrapped a layout to remind yourself of something that you desperately needed to remember? I’d love to hear about it!
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