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stroll down CHESTNUT LANE

Halloween is behind us- and there is no doubt the the Holiday season is in the air.  But if you have been following me for awhile- you know I am one who likes to slow it down a little and enjoy the autumn goodness that November has to offer.  The cozy at home vibes inside , the beautiful colors outside and the joy of Thanksgiving.

I feel that  the world is trying so hard to push fast forward on the Holiday season and Christmas.  When I was younger, I remember all that magic started right after Thanksgiving. After all, Santa comes in right after the last float in the Thanksgiving parade! And the drive home from Thanksgiving dinner, we always tuned in to the local radio station that would begin to play non-stop Christmas music on Thanksgiving.

At least for a few more weeks, I’d like to savor the joy of this season we are in right now- like a long walk that you hope lasts just a little bit longer. It was that thought that led me to design CHESTNUT LANESlowing down to enjoy the walk through this season with ones we love to have by our side.

I was able to take some time to make a few layouts with it – and I have to say- I love every single paper in the kit- and how easy it is to pull together a meaningful page. 

Here’s hoping you can push pause on this month and enjoy the peace and meaning of it all before the excitement of the Christmas season-




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