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Sunday Standouts | MOC Week 1


January is such an exciting month because is is packed with possibilities and renewed energy! 365 blank pages waiting for a new story to be written lay ahead!

One of my favorite things we do at The Lilypad each January is the Month of Challenges. 30 days- 30 layout prompts and challenges that are guaranteed to stretch your creativity and get you reconnection with your storytelling and photography! And- cool bonus- if you complete all 30 challenges you get a $20 gift certificate to the TLP shop! AND double bonus- I will randomly choose a layout from my personal gallery for a $10 gift certificate to my shop! Even if you’re just a little curious I encourage you to check it out here at the Lilypad– it’s a lot of fun and a great way to treat yourself after a season of giving to so many others!

I though it would be fun to spotlight a few of the layouts in my Gallery at the Lilypad  that really caught me eye this week and share them with you! *artist credits and supplies used can be found here in Gallery for the week of Jan 1- Jan 9 2022

Check out the blending of the bottom paper and the stunning photo in this layout! It’s seamless and adds to the snowy feel of the page! 


This layout puts a fun spin on homeschooling during the pandemic and shows his first day of school with his classmates! It’s a perfect example of crafting your joy- and making lemonade out of lemons! I love it!


How fun are these dangles- and how awesome is this use of a shelf of goodies to ground it all? The framing of the photos makes the photos pop off the patterned paper! SWEET page for sure!


This is an awesome example of how you can pack a ton on a page without it becoming overcrowded! Strips and grids (thanks to a terrific template!) and a mix of closeup and group photos plus a cohesive color pallet make for a spot on year in review page!


The use of ellies in this layout is a perfect example of how they can add to your story and serve as journaling! Not only is the word art spot on – its layered in such a cozy way that you feel bundled up just looking at it! Awesome job of composition!


It’s the first time she made her own ponytail and look how proud she is! That happy childlike vibe is captured perfectly with the colors of this page- and it goes to show you how choices like color  that are a silent element in a layout! 


The dreamy feel of the photo is captured perfectly with the airy elements on the page and the result here is just stunning! And the word art not only titles the page- but grounds the photo as the elements frame it!  It’s a perfect balance of composition!


The use of black and white photos is a perfect choice when making a layout like this because it provides a cohesive flow and lets you focus on the faces– not the clothes (which may not match) Everything from the journaling to the choice of colors is just perfection here- and it’s another awesome example of packing a page without overcrowding it. Awesome work.


Is this a beautiful page or what? What struck me was the perfect choice of colors and the cascade of florals that draws your eye through the layout and lands you at the journaling. Really great composition.


The contrast on this layout is just stunning! I love the sweet little kitty with the “tough guy” ellies! And the framing of the photo with a border and placement on that doily is a perfect way to balance out such a strong background paper!


This single photo is framed perfectly by both the monochromatic colors of the page but also the angle created by the placement of the papers. The flow of it all creates a simply beautiful page.


Two things called out to me from this page- the striking dark background and the beautiful use of ellies to support and add to the story! (which by the way acts as a grounding element itself as it’s sandwiched between the photo and the bottom shelf of pretties. Perfectly balanced.


So many layers and so much to love here! I love how the photos are pulled to the left allowing the background paper to set the vibe for the layout and the framing of flowers and word art takes your eyes all across the page. Beautiful work!


This page struck my heart because of the bittersweet photo and the heartbreaking journaling. At first look- you see a beautifully composed layout- but when you read the journaling-  you get the deeper meaning of the page- and that’s what really gets me. The stories are what matter most. That is why we take photos, that is why we scrap. We are storytellers first and foremost. And this one mattered and is beautiful.


This layout struck me because the photo is beautifully framed and the journaling is simply and perfectly composed of the word art! Very clever and spot on composition!


The craftiness of this layout is just beautiful! The quadrants are perfectly arranged and each adds its own magic to the whole. There’s no mistaking what the story is about- even before you read the journaling because of the perfect choices of papers and ellies! great work!


This is an absolute perfect pairing of kit and photo and the colors are carried through in an awesome way! I love the word art and the subtle vertical lines of the page provide spot on composition!


This page is just stunning! The dark background is a terrific way to draw the eye to the photos and the horizonal line of the photo strip and flow of the elements across the page gives perfect movement! You can almost hear the click click of the shutter!


The choice of colors here are just awesome and the use of elements is so creative- it all pulls together for a standout layout!


Here is another example of creative use of ellies! I think the awesome layering of each element not only adds to the look of the page- but provides a dimension of symbolic storytelling! And man! Love that perfect placement of the glowing light bulb! Beautiful!


Yep- I guess I love me a dark background this week! What strikes me about this page is the awesome vibe of the photo and the contrast of black and white treatment with color ellies! It’s just an awesome combination that creates a standout layout!


Using a patterned background isn’t always easy- but this layout rocks it! The framing on the photos and their clustering makes it all work as does the repeating of black in the ellies. Really terrific composition!


Finally I wanted to give a shoutout to the magic of monochrome in this page! It’s striking and draws your eye into the photo and then flows into the white space of the journaling label. The result is beautiful!

Here’s looking forward to Week Two of MOC! I hope to see you and more of your #joycreated in the gallery!

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